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a length of time far from perform or studying. vakansie, verlof فَتْرَة إسْتِراحَه من العَمَل почивка afastamento volno die Auszeit fri; ferie άδεια αποχής από καθήκοντα tiempo libre puhkus زمان تعطیلی vapaa congé; temps libreחופש काम या अध्ययन से इतर समय odmor, stanka szabadság waktu istirahat tempo libero, congedo (仕事中などの)休憩 휴식 시간 laisvalaikis atvaļinājums; brīvdiena(s) waktu cuti vrije tijdpause; permisjonwolne رخصتی concediu свободное время voľno prosti čas pauza ledig tid, ledighet ช่วงวันหยุดหรือไม่ไปทำงาน mola 請假,休假 неробочий час خالي وقت thời gian rỗi 休假,放假

Time … seemed like water working inside of a dark cave and voices crying and Filth dropping down on hollow box lids, and rain —Ray Bradbury

You would Consider its an up grade to FS16 but what a disappointment! You might have finished a whole lot superior in so numerous ways!! Complete waste of your time!! Incorporating to my former comment, you guys have mounted Numerous errors which makes the game far more pleasing. You have carried out nicely. At the beginning I was pretty dissapointed mainly because FS16 was Doing the job so very well then set up FS18 just to seek out countless problems.

a bomb which has been set to explode at a particular time. tydbom قُنْبُلَةٌ مَوقوتَه бомба със закъснител bomba relógio časovaná puma die Zeitbombe tidsindstillet bombe ωρολογιακή βόμβαbomba de relojería viitsütikuga pomm بمب ساعتی aikapommi bombe à retardement פְצַצַת זְמַן निश्चित समय पर फटने वाला बम tempirana bomba időzített bomba bom waktu tímasprengja bomba a orologeria 時限爆弾 시한 폭탄 uždelsto veikimo bomba bumba ar laika degli bom bermasa tijdbomtidsinnstilt bombebomba zegarowa ساعتی بمب bomba relógio bombă cu acţiune întâr­ziată бомба замедленного действия časovaná bomba tempirana bomba tempirana bomba tidsinställd bomb ระเบิดที่ตั้งเวลาได้ saatli bomba 定時炸彈 бомба сповільненої дії ٹائم بم، بم جو مخصوص وقت پر پھٹے bom hẹn giờ 定时炸弹

to stop paying time; to spend time unnecessarily. Consider my vehicle as opposed to walking, if you wish to help save time; We mustn't squander time talking about unimportant matters. spaar/vermors tyd يُوَفِّر وَقْتا، يُضَيِّعُ وَقْتا пестя/хабя време poupar/ perder tempo šetřit/ztrácet čas Zeit sparen, verschwenden spare; spilde γλιτώνω, χάνω χρόνο ganar/perder tiempo aega säästma, aega raiskama در وقت صرفه جویی کردن؛ وقت تلف کردن säästää, hukata aikaa gagner/perdre du temps לַחֲסוֹך בַּזמַן/לְבַזבֵּז זְמַן समय बचत uštedjeti/tratiti vrijeme időt megtakarít; időt pocsékol menghemat, membuang waktu nÿta tíma; sóa tíma risparmiare/perdere tempo 時を稼ぐ[] 시간을 절약(소비)하다 (su)taupyti, eikvoti laiką taupīt/šķiest laiku menjimatkan/ membazirkan masa tijd sparen, verspillen spare/kaste bort tid oszczędzać/tracić czas وخت تیرول poupar/ perder tempo a câş­tiga/ a pierde timp экономить, растрачивать время šetriť / strácať čas dating game killer prihraniti/zapravljati čas gubiti vreme spara (slösa) tid ประหยัดเวลา; เสียเวลา vakit kazanmak/harcamak 節省(浪費)時間 (не) витрачати час وقت بچانا، وقت ضائع کرنا lãng phí thời gian 节省(浪费)时间

iHookUp allegedly matches its associates based upon several fluffy identity questions, but the positioning values Bodily attraction in excess of intellectual compatibility — that may be a great factor, if you're looking for a chemistry-loaded fling.

Whether you are looking for someone to shag, somebody to convey house to Mother, or another person so far In the intervening time, you’ve come to the right spot; we're going to explore the best apps for every of those a few interactions.

= period → Zeit f; This really is the greatest problem of our time → das ist das größte Issue unserer Zeit; in my time → zu meiner Zeit; it took place before my time → das war vor meiner Zeit; of all time → aller Zeiten; time was when … → es gab Zeiten, da …; He's in advance of his time or in advance of his time → er ist seiner Zeit (weit) voraus; in Victorian periods → im Viktorianischen Zeitalter; in olden times → in alten Zeiten; instances are hard → die Zeiten sind hart or schwer; when moments are tricky → in harten or schweren Zeiten; instances alter → die Zeiten ändern sich; periods are modifying → es kommen andere Zeiten; times are altering for the higher/even worse → es kommen bessere/schlechtere Zeiten; times have improved for the higher/worse → die Zeiten haben sich gebessert/verschlechtert ?

Skier Nick Goepper, 19, who these days requested Taylor Swift by way of Twitter to generally be his Valentine's Working day day upon his return from Sochi, said that he retains his 'choices open up' when using the app. 'I've gotten A good number of notifications that say, "This person really wants to kiss you,"' he confessed.

In search of dating apps that are gay and lesbian-pleasant? The next five apps might help men and women in exact same-sexual intercourse associations to find love…Or possibly just a hookup.

We then produced profiles in many industries across various areas. Most dating apps Restrict searches to specific spots, and you've got to match with somebody that also ‘swiped appropriate’ or ‘favored’ you.

Time is like some balked monster, waiting exterior the valley, to pounce over the slackers who've managed to evade him lengthier than they ought to —James Hilton

a good time we had an excellent time → es war (sehr) schön, es hat uns (dat) → intestine gefallen; he doesn’t glimpse as if he’s possessing a good time → es scheint ihm hier nicht besonders intestine zu gefallen; have an excellent time! → viel Vergnügen or Spaß!; to show somebody a fantastic time → jdn ausführen; she’ll offer you a superior time for £thirty → bei ihr kannst du dich für £ thirty amüsieren

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